Saturday, October 3, 2015

Starting Up our Algebra Game

Software is eating the world. Yet, it is a marvel of how readily the younger generation eats up software like Angry Bird, Storybird, Youtube, mobile app games etc.

We have learned an enormous insight to the Terence Tao's algebra game and want to make this fun game accessible to more people especially the younger generation. 
In the next few months, as we launch some of the mobile app software revolving around the Algebra Game, I hope that this is one small step towards developing learning technologies that make an impact no matter how small. To make Advance Personalized Learning at scale possible, we want to make learning mathematics and computer science a cool thing for everyone. 

Check us out at http://www.algebragamification.comWe will post pictures of our learning endeavours on our Algebra Game Facebook Page and hope to release more fun software in the future  — stay tuned!